7 Best Rock Bands of All Time

Rock Bands

Rock music has different shapes and colors, and one needs to explore them all. Every sub-genre in rock music has something interesting to offer to people, and several bands have been an example of how diverse rock music can get. Here is a top rock bands list that does not justify the entire rock music but will still give you something good to start with.

The Beatles

The Beatles have been the most successful and important band in rock history. Their journey and origin are as interesting as their albums. They became popular around to world for their unique commercial and spiritual art form that brought the cultures together.

The Rolling Stones

Right after the Beatles stopped making music in 1970, The Rolling Stones quickly took the spot to become the best rock band. For over 30 years, the Rolling Stones carried their legacy as the best rock back in the world. They have the longest run as a rock band in the history of rock music.

Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground may not have been the prodigy for rock music, but they have been the mentors for all the people who have listened to their songs. Their music encouraged the listeners to form their own bands, and while doing so, Velvet Underground was being heard by every rock n roll fan.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin was the most popular band from 1969-1979. They released nine albums that sold more than 50 million records in the US and over 200 million worldwide during this period. Led Zepplin was representing rock music solo as a brand of rock lifestyle during their time.


The Ramones was an American punk band that was filled with loud music, energy, a young attitude, and humor. When rock music was dying in the 70s, Ramones took control and reinvented rock music. When Ramones were first auditioned, another band, “the Talking Heads,” played at the same bar. People did not expect Ramones to become the future inventors of rock music in their audition performance.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd left an impact on anyone who listened to their music. They are a multi-platinum rock band that was always experimental about their music. Their projects, such as “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Meddle,” and “The Wall” surprised the listeners with what they were capable of. The genius behind their music was unmatchable during their times, and even today, people cannot talk about rock music without naming Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd

Bob Marley and the Wailers

Bob Marley is the only figure named in the rock era history who was not from the UK or America. His music contribution is so positive that people just enjoyed listening to what he was saying in his music. He took reggae music around the world with his band, the Wailers, who recorded songs like “Simmer Down,” and “One Love,” which are considered the songs that give a meaning to life.

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