Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums

We have classes at all levels-from beginners to pre-professional. Click here for class schedules that are now accepting enrollments: CURRENT CLASS OFFERINGS. Call 714-545-1217 to schedule an assessment for placement in one of our existing elementary through advanced level classes. Click here for schedule: EXISTING CLASSES. Our highly motivated and most advanced students take both a class lesson AND a private lesson in their Comprehensive Musicianship program. All class students will have the opportunity to perform in 2 major recitals per year and perform regularly for their classmates.

PIANO CLASSES – Ages 3-14 yrs

Most musicians agree that piano is the best FIRST instrument! These enjoyable keyboard classes for beginners introduce children to the musical concepts of singing, ear training, note reading and rhythm while learning to play the piano, in a fun learning environment. Parent attendance required.
Piano Prep Course – Ages 5-7 yrs
Piano for Older Beginners – Ages 8-14 yrs

VOICE CLASSES – Ages 5-14 yrs

Children develop their voices and performing skills as they learn the fundamentals of vocal projection, breathing, warm-ups, ear training, rhythm development and exposure to a variety of musical styles. Parent attendance recommended for younger age classes.
Voice Class – Ages 5-7 / 8-14 yrs

GUITAR CLASSES – Ages 6-14 yrs

Learn the basic techniques of playing the guitar in a variety of musical styles in classes which include theory, rhythm and note reading. Guitars are available for classroom use. Parent attendance recommended for the younger age group. Regular performing opportunities.
Guitar for Beginners – Ages 6-8 / 9-14 yrs

DRUM CLASSES – Ages 6-14 yrs

Our drum classes introduce the beginning drummer to various musical styles including pop, rock and traditional snare drum techniques. Students will learn basic music theory including rhythmic notation in addition to standard drum rudiments. One drum set and practice pads provided for in-class usage. Home practice pad/snare drum are recommended. Sticks are included with Materials Fee.
Drums for Beginners – Ages 6-8 / 9-14  yrs