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  • Polices and Procedures

    To ensure your child has a fun, safe and enriching experience Pacific Conservatory, please read and acknowledge the following policies:

    I have read and understand the Studio Policy regarding tuition payments. I authorize PC to debit from the account shown above the initial fee due on the account and on-going tuition rate.

    I have read and understand the Studio Policy regarding 30-Day Notice to discontinue lessons. I understand the authority given to PC to charge tuition payments is to remain in full force and effect until PC has received 30-day written notification from me of its termination. I understand the the 30-day Notice to Discontinue must be received 30 days prior to the next charge date in order to stop the next automatic deduction. I understand that phone notifications and conversations with teachers do not constitute as notification. I understand that the 30-day Notice to Discontinue form must be turned in to the office and signed by the (adult) student or student's parent.

    I have read and understand the Studio Policy regarding Make-up Lessons. Lessons cancelled within 48 hrs. of appointment are not eligible to be made-up. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and all are give at the discretion of the private teacher. Group lesson students are welcome to attend other classes whena matching level class is available.

    I have read and understand the Studio Policy regarding late payments and declined charges. A $50 bank fee will apply for any late payment due to declined credit or debit cards or other missed financial agreement.

    I have read and understand that Pacific Conservatory operates on a 12-month school year calendar. I understand there are 43 weeks of lessons during the 12-month period and that tuition does not fluctuate with the number of weeks per month. Tuition is based on monthly, biannual or annual installments towards an annual tuition fee.

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